somebody who informs on somebody else, especially to the police or
breaks a friends trust and tells their secrets
The teacher's pet was a grass and told Mrs Smith on me
by esthermay July 01, 2005
stuff that you smoke to get a high
marijuana, weed, gonja, pot, gods greatest grass, bud, dope
by stu March 18, 2003
Informant, snitch. Someone who sell out others.
I have no time for grasses.

There's a grass in our company.
by Treki July 19, 2009
British saying which means to inform the authorities about someone's misdeeds
Jonathan: Why were the police their Efe? Did u fucking grass on us? If I find out you did I will beat the shit out of you! No one likes a grass
by moonfizzle January 20, 2012
that crazy green shit you find in your front yard
holy fuck, what the shit is on my lawn?

grass, you dickwad
by FuckThatShitRightNow April 10, 2011
another word for weed
yo you hear about josh, he got grass!
by weeeetacos April 03, 2015
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