Another word for grass that hasnt been used since the 60s
Man i been smokin weed since it was called grass.
by ELBRENDO October 16, 2006
1. a negative adjective, to describe something with disdain

2. to describe a feeling of disgust
1. Tanisha is grass

2. grass. wtf grass. tanisha is so grass. wtf grass.
by Celia Roberts July 10, 2008
noun, crude:
-the pubic hair found on the frontal pubic region of a man.
Sentence form: Bobby gave himself a porno trim before his hot date so that his grass would not tickle her ass"
by Websters-II March 16, 2005
A Jesus Christ with a hangover.
Hey, you know that party we went to last night? Yeah, with the crappy food... bread and wine. Well, the host is a freakin' grass right now.
by RelyxyleR March 17, 2005
Shortened form of the spanish word "gracias", or "thank you".
"Here's that money I owe you."
by elfmonger September 03, 2004
a neighborhood kid who comes into your house uninvited and creeps everyone out. Also, a kid who drinks alot of alcohol and passes out, making people think he is dead.
Grass you are fucking annoying!
by Rob June 13, 2004
A dumn drug that doesn't even give a good high, just makes you lazy, hungry and semi-retarded.
pass on weed, it's a waste
by darkblkpuss May 03, 2005
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