To wrap someone around arms around another making it impossible for other to move.
*grapples you*
by Fallen Sister December 21, 2009
Top Definition
A form of dancing commonly associated with Punk music, wherein the dancer grabs their partner and shakes them violently (usually while being shaken in turn).
We grappled so f***in' much last night at the show, that I got a f***in' nose-bleed.
by Levity-Slicket June 19, 2005
a mix between a grape and an apple
by JFlack February 07, 2003
When you are having doggie style sex and the penis slips out and accidentally gets inserted into the anus or the wrong hole
Z: Oh shoot it slipped out.
S: Stick it back in!
*S yells*
S: Dude! you just fucking grappled me!
by FlyingSpiderMonkey March 14, 2010
1. The offspring of a bredded grape and apple.

2. A flavor (usually in juice) with the taste of grape and apple
1. The scientist experimented with genes to try to make the grapple

2. That was some really good grapple juice.
by Davien May 02, 2008
Apples soaked in artificial grape flavoring.
I was at the store the other day and saw a package of grapples. I grabbed it thinking it was some kind of brocciflower hybrid, but i caught a wiff of grape soda as i was putting them in the cart. Grapples are apples soaked in artificial grape flavoring. I almost barfed.
by AllisonLoves420 August 03, 2008
male masturbation
Steve liked to grapple every morning in the shower.
by Daphne December 03, 2002

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