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when you dont know what else to say
hmm thats odd
by daphne December 06, 2003
A nickname for a kid with a short haircut. Lots of friends that are girls and no girl friends. Cool guy who acts really stupid and says things like "you tickle my teeth" great friend friend and brother.
Hey, waz up Fuzzy?
by Daphne May 26, 2004
Soda that stings your skin.
I went to a kick-ass icp show and my skin started stinging from all the faygo on my body.
by Daphne June 07, 2003
male masturbation
Steve liked to grapple every morning in the shower.
by Daphne December 03, 2002
A females genetalia.
He stuck his dick up my yum-yum. Super sweet.
by Daphne May 02, 2003
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