Grope+Rape=Grape The act of groping and raping someone. The act of attacking, laying on the floor, and reaching down the shirt of a girl in persuit of an Uno card. The total disregard of a female's rights while reaching down a girl's shirt for an Uno card.
Cindy and I graped Stefanie after school today when she hid the red 3 Uno card down her shirt. Eventually we got it, but the corner was bent."
by First Time Graper November 18, 2009
Short for "ghost rape." When an apparition, poltergeist or other spirit enters a body despite lack of consent and causes a feeling of uncleanliness.
Wow, did you hear that Dan got graped in that haunted bed and breakfast?
by donkeyllama August 09, 2009
To cop an unauthorized feel; to grope-rape.
After Desiree passed out, Simon totally graped her moron mountains.
by Verbal Platinum Princess April 25, 2009
Another term used for marijuana when discussing it in front of parents
"I went to school today, and bought some grapes. I'm going to eat them tonight"
by Dr. Mc hot hot September 14, 2008
a bag of high grade marijuana
Mike went down the corner to pick up a bag of grapes.
by Miguel the Destroyer September 10, 2008
A kind of Gang like Bloods or Latin Kings.
Purple is their color.
Usually saying G'sz up.
Yo, whuts good Grape?

Yeah, i heard that nigga Grape.

No, we dont mess with Grapes.
by gab^y March 19, 2008
A bleeped out word for Fuck used on many forums.
"I will grape sally tonight"
"You are the most grapeing disgrace in the grapeing world
by Max Pebotty March 15, 2008

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