used by Marines to describe one's head.
1) "Punch him in his grape!"

2)"I hit my grape"

3)"He got shot in the grape"

4)"I graped that haji"

5)"put a cover on your grape"

6)"5 minutes man, I gotta shave my grape"
by psl in your face March 04, 2009
1) A hella awesome fruit. Possibly one of the best tasting and unique fruits out there.

2) An artificial flavoring that SUCKS ASS. No one ever wants the grape flavored gummy, kool aid, jelly beans, gatorade, multi-vitamin, ETC.
1) I had some fresh grapes today. Now that was sum goooood eatin.

2) Chick:"Hey? Can I have a gummy bear?"
Guy:"Sure! Here, take the grape flavored ones."
by I8MyCuppycakes November 20, 2010
an aphrodesiac
Singer 2: I just ate a grape and I jizzed in my pants.
by garfieldluvr137 December 14, 2008
foot fetish slang word for a woman's big toe
One of my household duties as resident at Empress Shirley's manor is to worship her bare feet while she is lying down on her oversized double bed which I am privelged to share, and I usually start this task by sucking hard on her grapes before running my tongue on her other toes and down to the soles of her feet.
by Robert Massey January 10, 2008
The act of forcefully shoving grapes down the throat of an unwilling victim.
(People sleeping in there beds late at night, meanwhile a man come busting through the wall screaming)


People: (screaming in horror): NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
by Grapest January 14, 2011
The raping of a man by gay men - Gay rape = Grape
That white boy got graped
by VelmennaNinja September 15, 2008
a combination of to words:
gay and rape
joined together to make one word grape.
So, grape means gay rape.
That dude just got graped.
Oh man, he's a grapist.
by jfung April 29, 2008
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