used by Marines to describe one's head.
1) "Punch him in his grape!"

2)"I hit my grape"

3)"He got shot in the grape"

4)"I graped that haji"

5)"put a cover on your grape"

6)"5 minutes man, I gotta shave my grape"
by psl in your face March 04, 2009
a contraction of the words gang and rape. when someone has insulted or dissed a gang, to get revenge upon the person, they are raped by every member of the gang before being killed. When notifying other members on the phone they use grape as a sort of code.
gangster 1: Yo, Latrell said cripz got small dicks
gangster 2: GRAPE DAT BITCH
by lol cripz June 16, 2007
Similar to Facebook Rape (or Frape). "Grape" refers to the less common Google+ Rape. This is when someone leaves Google+ logged in on their computer or phone and a "friend" then tries to destroy the users life by swearing at loved ones, ending relationships and generally writing disgusting yet hilarious posts.

The lower occurrence of Grape is because no one really uses Google+ yet. This means Google+ users are more likely to leave themselves logged in, leaving themselves as a prime target for Graping. Next time you are on a friends computer... check they aren't a user of Google+, otherwise you have missed an opportunity and may later be described as having "shit bant".
I have been banned from using computers for 16 years because my friend Graped me pretty good!
by B-Dizzley CeeJay July 23, 2011
A combination of the words 'Google' and 'Rape'.

The act of Raping someones Google+ profile when they leave it logged in. Profile picture changes and rude status updates are the most common grapes.
Dude, did you see Jonny's Google+ profile, someone graped him big time.
by Jimlad86 July 12, 2011
The act of rolling one's penis in Grape flavoured Kool-Aid powder and then inserting it in the girl's (or guy's) mouth. The moisture of their mouth mixes with the Kool-Aid powder creating a delightful grape flavoured drink in their mouth. Graping is most popular among people in the Ghetto as they generally like "Pawrpull Drank" and don't use/are too poor to afford flavoured condoms.
Hey G, I just handcuffed your mom to the radiator and graped her in the mouth. Then I went to the basement and graped 4 of your sisters.
by The Rim Graper February 07, 2011
The act of forcefully shoving grapes down the throat of an unwilling victim.
(People sleeping in there beds late at night, meanwhile a man come busting through the wall screaming)


People: (screaming in horror): NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
by Grapest January 14, 2011
To grape; graped; will grape;
Used in conversation in reference to ejaculation, specifically in pants caused without heavy petting, foreplay, or touching. It is usually used to explain the level of hottness of females or the awesomeness of art, talent, sports, or related social topics.
Coined by David Fall and Harrison Bergeron with influence of the "Jizz in my Pants" Saturday Night Live skit; Aired: December 6, 2008 NBC
1. Harrison: Dude, David, Allie got her belly button pierced.
David: Oh man, just imagining that made me grape.
Harrison: Yeah, she is so hot.

2. David: Let's watch 300.
Harrison: That movie's level of intensity makes me grape.
David: My tendencies mirror yours because that movie excites me as well.
by DavidFall and HarrisonBergeron January 20, 2009

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