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I wanted to plug her in the ass but her grapes were too sore from the last time
by Sick F*ck August 10, 2003
purple urple. Another term for purple weed.....
Hey homie, burn those grapes.
by mel and shan February 17, 2005
Grape is a term used in a comedic sketch from the sketch comedy group The Whitest Kids U' Know (or WKUK).

It is not to be mistaken for 'Rape'.
Nobody knows exactly what graping is, but we know it doesn't mean rape or preform any non-PG television action.
"I'm gonna grape your mom, your dad, you cousin, your uncle, and then I'm gonna grape YOU when you're tied to the bed post, and then I'm gonna grape you all in the basement FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!"
by ac3092 December 09, 2009
Fruit. It's a fucking purple fruit.
Wow that grape was delicious!
by Katkat90 July 01, 2013
Why the fuck are you looking up the definition of grape you retarded inbred fuck??? Why don't you just walk over to your fridge And take a goddamn grape out of it and take a nice long look at it. You now know what a grape is. Congratulations.
1.)I fucking love grapes. 2.)I am on urban dictionary looking at the definition of grape; therefore I am a retarded inbred fuck.
by The foghat March 16, 2014
An Unsolicited Grope
Mary: Todd totally graped me last night.

Jane: Eww, how?

Mary: When we were hugging, he grabbed the side of my breast.
by Garan Joter November 30, 2012
potent purple marijuana from california or the west coast.
i got them grapes!
by movinMEAN February 25, 2011