The action of a gangster being raped in an conversation by a very fast speaker, leaving the gangster very embarrassed and humiliated.
"Dude, I'm so sorry to hear that you got g-raped."
by Typical Speaker May 06, 2012
G'rape (Gee Ray puh) When a gangsta or as many are called "OG" is held down , his baggy pants pulled round his ankles and his rectum repeatedly penetrated by any sort of object that will convienently fit it the anal cannal.
Linda and Suzie snuck up on Cliff , the "Og" and forced him on the ground , they then commenced to de pantsing the burly fellow and inserting a Miller Lite bottle into his rectum repeatedly. therefore Cliff was a victem of G'rape
by BluKat420 December 28, 2009
The name given to prolapsed haemorrhoids, particularly when thrombosed due to the similar appearance.
Damn my grapes are playing up. Pass me that rubber ring, I need to sit down.
by Doctor N November 14, 2009
purple weed- purp
good tasting weed
weed that is dark in color
i'm gettin me some grapes tonight
by cali-babe February 18, 2005
champagne or wine(see also grapes of wrath)
You can have all the grape you want. I still won't touch that stuff myself.
by Light Joker January 12, 2005
Gape + Rape = Grape. Thus is Grape.
Did someone say grape?
by Mr. A. Furious Fork August 29, 2007
1) A hella awesome fruit. Possibly one of the best tasting and unique fruits out there.

2) An artificial flavoring that SUCKS ASS. No one ever wants the grape flavored gummy, kool aid, jelly beans, gatorade, multi-vitamin, ETC.
1) I had some fresh grapes today. Now that was sum goooood eatin.

2) Chick:"Hey? Can I have a gummy bear?"
Guy:"Sure! Here, take the grape flavored ones."
by I8MyCuppycakes November 20, 2010

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