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a ripper with a booty so thick it looks like she got two midgets in her back pockets. KABLOW! BADONKADONK!

thats some new Yay Area Slanguage. Yee Yee Yee! Yadida???

Co-founder and Co-written by Sexi Mami Maria. She got a Two Midget Booty herself!
See that breezy over there? Now that's a Two Midget Booty!
by samsonhussein October 29, 2006
the Bay Area aka the Yay aka THE GRAPE AREA! from the SF bay all the way down to San Jose aka Man Jose aka NO FINE FEMALES.

grape as in the purple urrple. the stuff i just smoked with ali before he passed out on my couch. Stop snoring bro!
I'm from the Grape Area! I'm from the GRAYPE AREA!"
by samsonhussein October 29, 2006
Yay Area Slanguage for marijuana aka cannibus sativa aka bomb aka chronic aka ganja aka mary jane aka puff aka weed aka sticky icky icky aka etc. etc. etc.
Who got purple? I GOT GRAPES!
by samsonhussein October 29, 2006

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