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Shaws supermarket grape soda, known simply as "grape".

Known to be a great remedy for hangovers the following moring.
Yo Phil I ran out. Can I snag a grape from ya?

We need to go on a grape run soon...
by Flick Masher April 06, 2006
purple urple. Another term for purple weed.....
Hey homie, burn those grapes.
by mel and shan February 17, 2005
Grape is a term used in a comedic sketch from the sketch comedy group The Whitest Kids U' Know (or WKUK).

It is not to be mistaken for 'Rape'.
Nobody knows exactly what graping is, but we know it doesn't mean rape or preform any non-PG television action.
"I'm gonna grape your mom, your dad, you cousin, your uncle, and then I'm gonna grape YOU when you're tied to the bed post, and then I'm gonna grape you all in the basement FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!"
by ac3092 December 09, 2009
Just like like rape except theres a bunch of you.
Me and a bunch of my mates graped your mother last night
by david cameron cock knocker October 22, 2013
"The grapest of all time"

Teeler: Normally I'm like not the biggest fan of Tony Danza but he was grape tonight.

Stefan: Honestly, hes like the Alexander The Grape of television acting.
by wrdply October 08, 2013
The name given to prolapsed haemorrhoids, particularly when thrombosed due to the similar appearance.
Damn my grapes are playing up. Pass me that rubber ring, I need to sit down.
by Doctor N November 14, 2009
The action of a gangster being raped in an conversation by a very fast speaker, leaving the gangster very embarrassed and humiliated.
"Dude, I'm so sorry to hear that you got g-raped."
by Typical Speaker May 06, 2012