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A list of girls you can date or get with. These said girls are friends of yours or girls who are close to you.
Lauren, Jaki, and Marina are in my grab bag. I don't know who to pick.
by Disaster Crew November 01, 2005
A girl wearing large and/or baggy clothing making it difficult to tell what kind of body she has underneath.
That chick is always wearing sweatshirts and Jnco's, what a grab bag.
by maceow September 18, 2009
Name of the original Duke Nukem Theme-Song by Lee Jackson.
Grabbag - Composed and arranged by Lee Jackson (1996)
... come get some!
by SpherXz February 25, 2007
Tits, boobs, etc....

( o )( o )
Hey Timmy, your mother has some nice grab bags!

DAMMNNN, check out the grab bags on her.
by Gangstas of OU January 30, 2004
When you graciously offer to hold your chicks purse on your lap while she digs through it for an item which you already removed because "its not right to go through her purse" in the hopes that you get half a tug job.
My chick was in a bad mood yesterday and there was no way she was in the mood so I had her give me a grab bag.
by MikeCheezmar February 06, 2013
A gram of weed sold in a bag.
hey, can I get a grab bag for 10 bucks?
by losssser November 24, 2004
When picking trash or trashing a bag that looks promising. It is likely to contian alot of valuable items.
There is a pile of grab bags over on Cleveland Street.
by handjack November 12, 2006

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