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a gay shower.
Rachel: Hey Autumn! You wanna go take a gower with me?

Autumn: Sure, I fucking love gowers!
by Zebra Snuggie Jersey December 04, 2010
the act of throwing up, vomiting profusely.
Gower just gowered all over himself and the bathroom. I mean there is Gower absolutely everywhere in here.
by Travis Klotz March 16, 2008
1: Slang term for a person who fabricates stories especially to make themselves look impressive, sophisticated or intelligent.
2: A person who generally lies often.
(Origin - London possibly from Jamaican.)
AK: Dude, I had a threesome with two girls from that TV show, 'Hollyoaks!'
Abdul: You're a gower, sta!
by j35t3r October 03, 2006
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