Used to tell someone to go away or take a walk.
"ur some mog"
"gout will ya!!"
by mallowfein March 06, 2008
to stick the index and middle fingers inside the mouth of another, ideally large-mouthed person (verb)
John: Hey, you know Greg?
Rusty: That guy with the huge mouth, right?
John: Yeah, that guy. Dude got gouted real good last week!
by OPPuknoMe May 02, 2007
gross ex-girlfriend; ex-girlfriend that you dated but doesn't count cuz she was gross
"eww. her she was so gout. he never even liked her."
by DianaBear<3 December 12, 2006
v. to go out with; date; to be happening.
Carson and Vail started gouting on New Year's
by Ba Billy January 07, 2006
cocaine; coke; blow; snow; nose candy; power flour; white; flake
After snorting one rail of my gout, Joe asked whether he could hook up a ball of the same shit.
by Kiki Blow June 08, 2005

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