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a tasty concoction of rice vegetables and choice of meat sauteed in oil and soy sauce. often enjoyed with chopsticks.
My favorite dish at the Panda Inn is the flied lice.
#food #delicacy #recipe #take out #fwied wice
by ken69 January 26, 2009
a whore for the pharmaceutical industry peddling brand name drugs that are marginally better (if at all) and infinitely more expensive than generic drugs that have been available for decades.
The pharmaceutical rep came by the doctor's office to explain why patients' prefer a Cialis erection to a Viagra erection.
#whore #prostitute #drug dealer #ho #pimp my drug
by ken69 February 17, 2009
rare syndrome involving dramatic color changes of the scrotal sac from red to white to blue in any order. can be provoked by cold - or by exposure to reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond.
I was really concerned because my balls kept changing color but my doctor told me not to worry. I just have Raynard's Syndrome. He said I should keep my sac warm and protect it from Ray Romano.
#boner doc #halfnard #raynaud #romano #star spangled banner
by ken69 February 04, 2009
The feces of a vegetarian.
Those adventists lay some gnarly smelling vege-links.
#mornigstar #worthington #big franks #vege-pig #vege-liver
by ken69 January 21, 2009
the reflux of colonic feces into the posterior oral cavity. it can be associated with shitzu - histologic changes of the pharyngeal mucosa suggestive of colon cancer. also known as shit in mouth disease.
I went to the doctor because my family was complaining of my bad breath. He diagnosed me with colopharyngeal reflux and prescribed breath fresheners to be used per rectum.
#gastroesophageal reflux #pfizer #eli lilly #novartis #barrett's
by ken69 February 03, 2009
the newest vegan product by Worthington most useful while proselytizing to various cannibalistic tribes in Africa and inner Australia.
Sauteed in olive oil and garlic, this vege-human is quite tasty. All the body of the real thing with none of the guilt.
#worthington #morning star #vege-scallop #vege-pork #vege-escargot
by ken69 January 26, 2009
a physician specializing in erectile dysfunction.
If you need a prescription for Viagra, go see my boner doc Dr. Stayhard.
#urologist #erectologist #elongologist #cockologist #peniologist
by ken69 January 26, 2009
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