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a cigarette
wanna go buy some gorts
by yannathingreer April 16, 2009
a cigarette; cig; squo;cancer stick; trog backwards
"Taylor is going to buy me gorts, wanna pack?"
by gremlinandbigt August 01, 2009
A norwegian slang word for "a fart"
her lukter det gørt! (It smells like fart here)
by janne95 June 20, 2010
1. noun – An overweight person’s large belly or gut. From Spanish gordo meaning “fat”.

2. verb – To eat excessively.

3. adjective – To feel full after eating excessively.
1. “That dude has a ginormous gort!”

2. “Let’s go to White Castle and gort!” Past tense: “I just gorted three Jobee dogs!”

3. “Whew! No more Taco Bell, I am gorted!
by djz20 January 09, 2006
To wear a black ski mask despite inappropriate weather conditions while going about your daily business in public.

Usually attracts some strange looks (particularly in Texas), and surprisingly many are seemingly oblivious to the wearer, especially if the wearer is a hot woman.

Often referred to as "Gorting"

Not recommended to do your banking in this guise or in a state where carrying a firearm is legal.
"Thought I would spend the afternoon Gorting at the shops"

"I thought I would make Wednesdays at work Gort Day"

"I reckon a quick Gort down to the liquor store is in order"
by nilocrepooh January 05, 2014
Adjective: To fail at something (usually when rolling dice) excessively or spectacularly.
"Oh man, did you just gort that roll again?"

"Dude; he just gorted!"
by Drasith April 25, 2010
A liquor store owner or worker most definitely of middle eastern or Indian origin working behind the counter and yelling at trouble makers who enter the store.
We dressed up our boy with a rag on his head to convince the Gort at the counter to sell us some drank.
by Coffee64 December 21, 2011