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Hot stuff.
Menasaurous Rex
by Lightbulb April 15, 2004
the most loyal, kind, loving, honest and sensitive person. is not a girl. passionate. lazy as hell. is not annoying even if he tries to be. sweet. funny. cuddly.
you're such a Mena!
by bangbang12 September 25, 2010
it is an allele that u might inhert from one of ur parents traits.
i got a recessive allele from my homozygous parents called mena.
by qusai April 09, 2008
A term coined in the popular MMO, World of Warcraft. It is a very offensive term, usually used to denote someone as a homosexual. It originated from "men who like men's asses."
Man, that kid is such a menas.
by mopbu August 06, 2006
Acronym for Middle East and North Africa, often used degradatory towards people from, or with a heritage of those regions.

In most cases, it also refers to a person of the muslim faith.
Hey Darleene, those MENA-kids 'r causin trouble in the school again.
by Swedishguy77 October 06, 2010
The most common name for Egyptian males. Also they are usually terrorists but they'll never admit it.
Guy 1: "Mena!"
Millions of people in Egypt: "What?"
by Ted Mosby Architect February 12, 2015
Jake: I love her. She's so Mena
by YYass!!! July 25, 2016
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