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An excuse made to distract from the truth of a situation red herring
Matt pulled a gormley and called off sick with the flu from work today, but he actually drank a quart of grey goose the night before and feels like shit now.
by Adamovsky May 24, 2007
Describing something that is rather unpleasant.
"Her body was fine, but her face was pretty gormley."
by Frecker February 11, 2013
(v) 1) to engage in thoughtful passionate political dialogue, 2) to persuade left wing liberals of the error of their ways. 3) to life in a delusion that you are always right, due to narrow mindedness.
e.g. The old professor gormlied his young colleague friend from Washington D.C. and they lived happily every after.

gormlied (past tense) (n) a person of unusual charm, good taste, sophistication and an inflated sense of himself.
by Jock February 02, 2005
To screw something up, big time.

Originated from Southern California DJ Keith Gormley at KWVS 101.5 F.M, who accidentally played the theme song to the Jetsons a whopping 53 times in one hour by mistake.
He really Gormleyed that last trip to the loo when he peed all over himself.
by JoelJoel November 24, 2009
A Gormley is a vagina with copious pubic hair straightened using GSD's or the like. Also may be used in a more aggressive manner to describe someone as a cunt.
That bitch is so annoying, if she doesn't shut up I'm going to kick her right in the gormley
by turdcaptain April 30, 2009
a retarded midget that has an IQ of 1.5, lacks talent of any sort except for penis/semen consumption, can fit an entire banana in his mouth
Is that gormley with 5 cocks in his mouth all at once? wow, he loves that cock, he's been going at it for 3 hours!
by gormley's pimp May 26, 2003
pedophile whos the taste of the almighty cock, especially the cock of mr bowman, fr meehan, and mrs cogan(yes she has a cock), currently dating brian orzechowski, and gormley is the pillow biter in the relationship
is that matt ormley getting gangbanged by the entire varsity lax team
by dempsey May 26, 2003
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