An abbreviation for No Good that was made popular by the anime Super Milk Chan. Especially one entire episode called "NG" wich acts as a blooper reel and we are shown outtakes or "NG" takes of scenes that where used many times in the series.

It also is not meant to gramerticaly correct. IE in the quote below the woman says "Absouletly NG", now, in english saying "Absouletly No Good" in the context of refusing a proposition would be incorrect. Thus, we can assume, that its not meant to be taken literal.
"What you serisouly want me to eat this?! Absouletly NG!!"
by ERG Lupin August 20, 2006
Abbreviation of "Not Good". A synonym for Bloopers in the Asian Drama world. Also an all purpose negative.
Actor corpses.


Boy trips and falls.

by oneandfiveandthree March 29, 2010
An abbreviation of Newgrounds*, a website founded by Tom Fulp in 1995. It remains the original and still the largest flash portal on the web, visited by thousands of people every day.

* First named as 'New Ground' or 'Neo Geo'.
When I'm bored, I spend my time on NG.
by Max v M December 09, 2007
new game

used in D2 when leveling.
After clearing an area for exp a newgame is created to use the same area for leveling.
deleted-: ng?
tsaiguy: ng, baal003
by Megumi December 05, 2004
a magzine named "national geographic"
i have many ng pictures in my computer
by Alien November 09, 2004
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