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adj. keanly/keanish/kean-unexpected/rapine/badass

n. kean-a sex beast.
1. That was the most kean movie ending ever!!
2. He worked me like a kean
3. I'm so tired I feel like a kean just had its way with me
4. He keanly stole her from me
by rooveraber May 18, 2010
A gentle creature inhabiting the lgb school, it wears merry and gay sunglasses. It is a wannabe ninja and creeps around school panty sniffing. It sucks at "soccer" and video games. It is a genuine tourist/failure at life. It is on the verge of instinction by the hands of Jed, since he can often be found flirting with Jed's younger sister. Pray for it.
"Hey Justin"
"Kean is keen on Jed's sister"
by Steinbeck0239423 September 09, 2011
A misprononciation of the word keen.
Commonly used in text messsages to friends.
Commonly used in a place called Oundle.

Im not to KEAN on doing that.
by ashsezstrewth December 05, 2007
An abnormal bruise or mole.
The kean on my left breast has grown since the last time I saw it.
by ugliesfolife May 14, 2005