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Australian slang for a huge splat of saliva, preferrably on somebody's face. Lads and related animals spit them at innocent bystanders.
Lad: Eshays brah! Let's spit a gorbie at that bitch, ey!
by RPG Fangirl March 28, 2010
A nickname for Michael Gorbachev, the first and last President of the USSR in 1985—1991.
Gorbie was the leader of a nation.
by enhydra March 07, 2009
Slang, A person who eats a disgusting amount of food.
Look at that gorbie at McDonalds!
by Gorbie July 18, 2013
a person who crosses the road whithout taking any caution to oncoming traffic.
that gorbie i nailed fucked my bumper up bad.

you fuckin gorbie! fuck you! die in a fire! look before you walk!

i was going to hit that fucking gorbie but it would have fucked up my godly 1968 El Camino SS.
by fairf November 19, 2007