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when one is so intoxicated that one eye closes.
Man, i went to Ed's last night and he had a huge drink wink going on not to mention he smelled like Captain Morgans...

I've never seen Ed sober, hes always got a drink wink.
by Fairf October 18, 2007
one who is in the millwright trade, but is really bad at doing everything.
Lee claims he is a millwright, but after getting his arm mangled by a lathe, we know now he is a millwrong.

geoff said your either a millwright or a millwrong.

use e-z tap when tapping holes you millwrong!

by fairf November 19, 2007
to take a solid log of shit and freeze it in the freezer, later to be used as a short stimulation acting as a dildo.
hey fuckstick! i gave your mom my turd so she could give herslef a frosty mike.

after freezing my turd, i proceeded to give her the froty mike.

i was with this chick and she was so kinky. she wanted me to give her the frosty mike, the hot karl the cincinati bowtie and finish her off with an angry dragon/reverse cowgirl combo.
by fairf November 20, 2007
one who attends university, and thinks they are so much better than anyone. It suggests that their hair is well trimmed and often lifted up at the front, giving them the name "coiffer". most coiffers are doomed to work in a cubicle for the rest of their life and be a tie wearing office bitch.
you are such a coiffer, look at that faggy hairdoo your rockin'.

Look at that coiffer, hes got his nose so high in the air!

We went to a community college keg party and some coiffers showed up, man did they get a beatdown.

by Fairf October 30, 2007
when hash oil is smeared on a paper and rolled with either tobacco or bud. It simulates asphault being paved on a road when the oil is smeared on a paper.
darren had a half vile of oil so we were paving roads all night.

steve was paving roads all night.

want to hit up my bong?
nah, im game for paving roads though.
by fairf February 03, 2008
To make a hamburger and put everything in sight on it.
i was stoned out of my mind and i made a brataslava burger. it had pickles, marshmellows, french fries, 2 cookies, a danish and some chicken nuggets on it.

i love making brataslava burgers!

last time i had a brataslava burger i put 4 different hot peppers on it, along with peanutbutter, mayonayse, kiwifruit, parsnips and a slab of lasagna. the next time i took a shit it was carnage.
by fairf November 20, 2007
a chicken and bacon ranch sub from subway, possible the godliest sub ever created.
ill have extra cheese on my CBR sandwich of godlieness.

CBR or die.

of course i want my CBR toasted you newb!

what do you want on the CBR?
tomates? frankies?
lets just skip on to the ranch sauce.
by Fairf November 22, 2007

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