Get out of town!
GOOT, Mr. Rath!
by SJC-FatBaby November 23, 2008
diff way of saying goood
damn kaylee you look goot!
by shane4600 August 19, 2008
A unclean or dirty pussy
Hey gurllll lemme see dat goot
by Christian Fairweather March 14, 2014
Referring to the triangular area above a person's private parts.

For males: The part between the thighs from which the penis protrudes.

For females: The area above the vagina in which the pubic hair grows.

NOT to be confused with 'gooch' or 'goat'.
"Dude, I've got an itchy goot."
"My goot is so soft."
"That was close! Good job it was only in the goot!"
"It feels nice when I press down on my goot."
by H Ishmish 23 November 22, 2012
noun, describes any undesirable part(s) of a whole, object or system.
"I just need to remove the goots and this flux capacitor should work just fine",
"Once I take the goots off of this dresser it will look great in the bedroom"
by X3nolith September 18, 2012
the type of slut who would take a white man, black man, latino, korean, and a japenese guy all at once and will take oral penetration all at once from each one of them. Most likely has a big forehead.
guy 1: I just walked in on the goot doing jalen, dalton, darnell, and jimmy

Guy 2: damn what a slut

guy 3: damn i wish i was in on that action
by close your legs you skank January 01, 2012
pronounciation of the word
"Good" by many native groups in rural alaska. i've heard the word being used in Yupik and Inupiat villages all along the north slope, down the western coast and in the bristol bay area.
sounds like soot, put, guut
other short phrases: real goot, pretty goot, goot
How has the fishing been this season? Goot, real goot.
by eskimo guy October 24, 2011

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