The ultimate sex machine. Loved by the ladies (and some of the men, though their advances are quickly rejected). Also see: Ownage
Goot is sexy.
by Anonymous June 19, 2003
Goot is a synonym for a mans Penis. This word had its origin in 1989 in Pittsburgh, PA at a local private school in the Bethel Park PA area. Other synonymous words include: pecker, richard cranium, Dick Head , cock, monkey, little peter, johnson, free willie, the bone dancer, shlong, dong, wiener, he pussy, Mangina.
Ex. All the ladies love my goot.
by Darth Bader February 18, 2008
substance found in fast food undistinguishable by taste
or form, causing extreme twisting and churning of the bowels, leaving one wishing for death or immediate release of said goots.
Damn that chinese food was full of GOOTS, I can feel the bubbleguts already coming on!
by diaz January 06, 2004
Another way to refer to a man's taint.
My goot is very tender.
by Nathan Box January 11, 2005
somebody who does not know the true meaning of goot is a goot
josh, dan, jeff
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
of hispanic lineage.
"Powell is goots!"
by tim May 07, 2005
An extended version of the word gook, referring to all Asians in general as opposed to how gook refers to Koreans alone.
The goot to american ratio in my cs classes is 10 to 1.
by Chih-Fang November 11, 2003

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