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A singer-songwriter/cover artist who has taken youtube, facebook, and the world by storm. Goot plays all his own instruments, and sings all his own harmonies. All real, pure talent.
Check out Goot's covers and original tracks on youtube or facebook.
by arner23 July 18, 2010
Ewokese for Good.

Star Wars
Chup deej dee fratta den ehda, goot.
by Logizo April 22, 2009
verb. The act of shoving it up the goother.

Can also refer to the goother itself

See also feek, goother, gooter

Jaysus, I'd goot her something awful!

A goot in the hand is worth two in the bush!

by Lesley, Gordo & John March 04, 2009
Verb / noun: the act of penetrating the vagina, usually referring specifically to pentration with the fingers.
See gooter
See also feek
"I'd give her a goot."

"I gooted the box off her."

Proverb: A goot in the hand is worth two in the bush
by Goother_no1 March 04, 2009
urban way of saying the word "good"
"Have a goot one!" means "Have a good day!"
by Bruce Citron May 09, 2010
I grew up in the south. We used "goot" interchanably with "goober", "goob", "geeb" - all words meaning "dick". As in "goothead", "goot smoocher", "goot gobbler" etc.
Danny finally got Ginger to pull his goot last night.
by Don Gootsnam December 09, 2006
A word to decribe ALL the ugly emo pricks with bad dress sense from Chichester College.
...ahaha look its the goots again.

whats his name?

will i think



ahahaha fuck ugly goot
by A portsmouth lad March 26, 2009