an area of the female anatomy somewhere under the belly button and above the thighs, usually the vagina-but not always directly so. This area is "fer goot punchin'" it's where wife beating rednecks like to really plow into their significant other with brute force with their "goot punchin' fist" (their choice left or right fist) since their closet case penises can't get hard at the sight of a woman who is not their cousin (or closer relation). It's where they can still show their love yet not leave a black eye-where "snoopin' neibors 'n cowerkers might start askin' too many questions!".
"Don't give 'er a black eye, don't give 'er the boot, give yerself some REAL pleasure with a punch in the GOOT!"
by GootPountry February 19, 2010
Ewokese for Good.

Star Wars
Chup deej dee fratta den ehda, goot.
by Logizo April 22, 2009
verb. The act of shoving it up the goother.

Can also refer to the goother itself

See also feek, goother, gooter

Jaysus, I'd goot her something awful!

A goot in the hand is worth two in the bush!

by Lesley, Gordo & John March 04, 2009
Verb / noun: the act of penetrating the vagina, usually referring specifically to pentration with the fingers.
See gooter
See also feek
"I'd give her a goot."

"I gooted the box off her."

Proverb: A goot in the hand is worth two in the bush
by Goother_no1 March 04, 2009
Stands for Get Out Of Town.
Hey Mustafa, you need to GOOT.
by Z1NX December 21, 2008
urban way of saying the word "good"
"Have a goot one!" means "Have a good day!"
by Bruce Citron May 09, 2010
I grew up in the south. We used "goot" interchanably with "goober", "goob", "geeb" - all words meaning "dick". As in "goothead", "goot smoocher", "goot gobbler" etc.
Danny finally got Ginger to pull his goot last night.
by Don Gootsnam December 09, 2006
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