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messin up or fuckin up
* originated from areas of miami*
U lost da tape? Man u gookin dawg.
by bmjr July 01, 2005
When a person is high and "tripping out", possibly twitching or making crazy faces they are labelled as "gookin" or "gookin out". After repeatedly telling the person they are "gookin out" they begin to "gook" further.
Man Jimey was gookin so hard last night he started skeetin on eveyrone and twitching on the ground
by Jeffacadia November 04, 2007
meaning messing around.. most of the definitions here but not mostly like the top rated one.... your not messing up or fucking up... that is considered a fail... you gook not fail.....
Niggas from the bay are gookers/ gookin around.... example of not gookin.... Nigga is gookin in the bathroom.... it can be used like that but if you were to use the other defintion of messin up.... how the hell can you mess-up in the bathroom.. unless you shit your pants
by tity banger June 07, 2015
A series of events where one of more individuals messes, or fucks up multiple times.

Related to gookin
See that man over their, he is such a Gookins.
by Ashy262 October 12, 2015
A mix between looking like a goob and geekin'
used to talk about really fun/crazy times where people looked like goobers, but were having fun and laughing- aka gookin'
Hey man, that party last night was crazy everyone was straight gookin'
by Julie 301 June 29, 2010
Playing around, jiving, lieing, stalling, ranking (As in belittling)
When someone jokingly insults you, you'd say they're gookin'.
by Morbid Obscurity November 17, 2003
To stick three fingers up someone's ass while they are eating a cheeseburger
Man, we gotta stop at McDonalds...i want to get a Gookin later.
by Kid Ding April 02, 2011
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