When a gurl lays on her back and allows many guys to ejaculate on her, covering her like icing on a cake.
last night 38 randon guys turned me into a gookie cookie
by MAGGIESBOY May 14, 2006
Top Definition
When a group of males participating in a circle jerk direct their ejaculate onto a cookie. That cookie, frosted with semen, is the gookie cookie. Typically, the last person in the circle to ejaculate eats the gookie cookie. This is similar to the limp biscut.
I think the reason Jeff is always the last to ejaculate is because he really enjoys eating the high protien gookie cookie.
by Aaron from Rochester August 05, 2005
When a group of youths gather at a function under the eyes of adonai, and began to explore their male appendages in unison. The game is complete when the Pivot man, usually with an elephant tusk size endowment, outlests all and paints the cookie with his hot excretion.
Few had doubts that Bily Vine would not emerge as the champion at this years Gookie Cookie Invitatational as he had the largest tusk most had ever seen.
by Lloyd G-Man July 29, 2005
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