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Prison slang for the active-partner in anal-intercourse
"yeah, you are new so you gonna take the lower bed, and guess who's gonna be a tusk in this relationship? Ain't gonna be you!!! hehehehe now bend over, sweetheart...
by Tomek123 September 16, 2005
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1979 song composed by Fleetwood Mac and the Trojan Marching Band. Today, the band plays "Tusk" at almost every single event. The song has become an unofficial fight song of USC, because the students sing "UCLA sucks!" during the refrain.

Partial lyrics are as follows:

Why don't you tell me what's going on?
Why don't you tell me who is on the phone?
TUSK!!! Real savage-like bitch!
We wanted to play "Tusk" for the student section, but Tony Fox was being an asshole so we couldn't.
by UCLASUCKS April 03, 2006
The Male member
Hey bitch... eat this rock hard tusk
by Hato Hammer June 26, 2005
An adjective that implies complete, brutal, and utter AWEsomeness. The word pulls its beastliness from the first animal who woke up one day and realized it had tusks. Looking down at the newfound tusks, it felt the feeling that only the word Tusk can describe.
Dude, the way you macked on that girl was totally Tusk! - or simply - TUSK!!!!
by Stick Nhat Hahn August 10, 2010
In Poland a politician is called Tusk. Donald Tusk. He is the biggest looser in President Elections in 2005.
Za chwile do gabinetu owalnego wkroczy Tusk. (In a moment into the rounded office will enter Tusk) - it would be quite funny if used during a meeting of mr Tusk with president Bush when we would use the first definition, but not for president Bush
by pollack January 21, 2006
A chicks tits that curve down and out, giving the appearance of tusks.
After Nicole took off her top, i lost my boner due to the unattractiveness of her tusks.
by Cowboy Dave August 30, 2006
When an awkward situation arises in conversation, it is also known as a "tusk". This usage was first coined in spring 2009, by a singular gentleman, whom we will call (in the interest of anonymity) Wendel Wordtyper. He was having lunch with some of his chums: Tyrion Portugal, Cross Wildcard, and Liam. The conversation turned to family matters. The three talked about their fathers, relaying various anecdotes about their experiences. After a few of these stories, Wendel quietly uttered, "I never knew my parents. I’m adopted.", drawing a stunned silence from his compatriots which seemed to go on for too long. Showing no sign of noticing the reactions of the other gentlemen, Wendel then took a stick of celery from his plate and put it under his upper lip and said, "It's a tusk! And so, the term was born. Since then, when an awkward situation arose in conversation, a tusk was formed. The simplest method involves taking the hand, bending the middle three fingers, so that only the pinky and the thumb remain erect. Then one places the thumb against the corner of the mouth on the same side of the face. This is the simplest of tusks.
Further adjustments and additions can then be made to this tusk. Inanimate objects of myriad size, shape, and number can be added to the end of the tusk, creating a bigger and bigger tusk, illustrating, via physical metaphor just how big a tusk that moment was. This public bulletin was brought to you by the Bureau Utilizing Tusk Telecommunication Sciences

A: "Yea. So she's getting her apartment renovated because of the blast. They still haven't found her cat. I feel awful. I offered to help pay for the damage, but she said that i've done enough

B: "That sounds like a tusk."

A: "Yup. It's full of tusk."

Tusk formation: (a poster has just fallen off the wall, knocking you off your chair as you were struggling to put up the next one. you hit the floor, the chair flips and breaks a nearby coffee table. because of the ruckus, a scream is heard from the kitchen as a startled cook drops a bowl on the ground, shattering it, rendering their dream of cookies shattered along with it. Out from under the poster, a tusk (thumb and pinky) peeks out. Onlookers, in good humor, add to the tusk with their hands, and any inanimate objects they happen to have)
by the B.U.T.T.S. October 17, 2012

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