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a mixture between a goof and a doofus.
John Kerry is such a goofus.
by ultrajesus4000 August 11, 2004
Someone who engages in inappropriate, silly, or dumb behavior, usually innocently. Derived from 'Goofus' in the Goofus and Gallant stories in Highlights for Children.
I was such a goofus for keeping my cell phone on during the movie.
by JoDil June 02, 2007
goofy, goofy, the act of acting silly and playful. The noun form of the adjective goofy
That child is acting like a goofu.
by Dj Ojo March 17, 2005
A Smart and Intelligent Girl, who is also Funny and Pretty!

Goof is for short!
Dude, She is a Goofus!

Hey, that Girl is a Goof!
by Bubby! September 29, 2013
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