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Someone who engages in inappropriate, silly, or dumb behavior, usually innocently. Derived from 'Goofus' in the Goofus and Gallant stories in Highlights for Children.
I was such a goofus for keeping my cell phone on during the movie.
by JoDil June 02, 2007
a mixture between a goof and a doofus.
John Kerry is such a goofus.
by ultrajesus4000 August 11, 2004
goofy, goofy, the act of acting silly and playful. The noun form of the adjective goofy
That child is acting like a goofu.
by Dj Ojo March 17, 2005
A Smart and Intelligent Girl, who is also Funny and Pretty!

Goof is for short!
Dude, She is a Goofus!

Hey, that Girl is a Goof!
by Bubby! September 29, 2013

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