A stupid inbred who has nothing going for her

To talk without engaging your brain

To express an opinion on a subject you know fuck all about

To be a total fuckwit

To become famous purely by being annoyingly stupid

Also see Kerry Katona 5ive Jordan Peter Andre
knock knock....who's there....Jade Goody....Jade Goody who?
well...thats show business

" Indians are thin cos they can't cook properly....Oh my god you can see me kebab" from How the fuck did I get famous by Jade Goody

by Rob St Evenage March 06, 2008
In gaming, anything and everything that can be conducive to a player's progress, be it ammunition, health items or a collectible or some sort.
I found this secret room with loads of goodies inside! Made the rest of the mission too easy!
by EcoEclipse February 08, 2010
Another weed for weed.
Boy 1: Hey man, I have a fresh batch of goodies!

Boy 2: Bitchin'! lets go smoke up in a dumpster!
by xxxpain May 04, 2009
something that makes a girl stand out to guys.
damn, dat girl has some really sexy goodies. i think i'm gonna ask her out!
by t'sgirl September 28, 2004
Penis and Balls
I had to hold on to my goodies because she kicked me in there after I grabbed her boobs.
by Anonymous1123437 August 04, 2008
Anything that you own. Your but sometimes. It can mean awesome,great,ok,good!
Don't touch my goodies!
Lyndsay- How was your day?
Julia- It was goodies!
Back off my goodies
by Linzzzz January 21, 2008
a females pussy,coochie,or twat.

a song by ciara ft.petey pablo called
"my goodiez"

i bet u want tha goodiez bet u thought about them.if u lookin for tha goodiez keep on lookin cuz they stay in tha jar.
all that nigga want is yo goodiez
and to get his dick sucked.
by Not My Goodiez September 05, 2004
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