A) A crafty or sneaky induvidual
B) Someone that has a knack for getting what they want
C) A crook; someone that deals with illegal things
How did he get all of that money? I dont know he is a real goody.

Tony Montana was a real goody in the movie Scarface.
by grandmasterflash2010 December 07, 2010
1. An act of self pleasure, the subject of which being a fantasy involving a repugnant subject/person that you would rather not admit to others.

2. Having a wank to someone you shouldn't.
Don't go in the bathroom, John's having a goody. I saw him go in there with a picture of Susan Boyle.
by rMonsterr May 29, 2009
A grody gooch.
I was trying to go down on her, but I smelled that not so good Goody.
by Birranda2 March 15, 2011
1 an asswhole who has been pushed his whole life to be a fuckhead, but generally tries not to.

2 a douch who should always take his shit, otherwise he posts dumb things on urbandictionary

3 a prink who is only such a prick to certain people for bad reason. however bad things happen to bad people
keep pushing it bitch, an ill have to go all goody on you

i really should take that shit, otherwise i wont be so goody

its like middle school all over again, i went fucking goody after all that time. but hey we both lost, yet i was the only one who cared in the first place. so i guess i made my point and showed people not to be so fucking stupid
by bitchimakillyou August 04, 2009
actually to all u stupid queers probably have never had any of what yall call goodies.. goodies simply is aything that the oppisite sex has boy or girl that turns u on. or same if u tilt the wrong way. can be anything from a finger to a toenail.
man look at her goodies man whew

dang gurl look at his goodies
by brady cramer February 24, 2005
1. a snack or treat
2. a synonym for "Yay" or "good" can be sarcastic
3. meant Miss or Mrs or Ms in the Puritan Colonies
1. "Halloween candies are Goodies"
2. "Goody... I get to do homework now!"
3. "... I saw Goody Calvert with the Devil! And Goody Putz and Goody Tregoe!!!"
by Kaytee P January 13, 2004
A Woman who is very skilled or talented in giving Men Blowjobs.
"Oh, you're such a Goody" "Man, she's a Goody"
by mass98 August 22, 2012

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