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Someone whose good intentions, self-righteousness and desire to be correct in everything, in reality, produces the opposite (negative) affect on others. Their own lives are usually devoid of any meaningful friendships, as all past friends could not bear the over judgmental behavior that killed the joy in the friendship and living in general.
"John told my parents that I was drinking some wine and now my parents are mad at me, what a goody goody!"
"Susan said she loved me but refuses to make love at all until we're married, what a goody goody!"
"Pat is such a goody goody! He said that we couldn't go on the canoe trip after all because his church was having a fundraiser!"
by Birch2 September 13, 2013
A double bind is a no-win scenario where you are either forced (or feel pressured) to do something you can't do on demand, or in a another situation, are penalized for what you do.
I'm in a double bind here: if I can't fall asleep now, then I'll be too tired to wake up tomorrow morning, and if I don't wake up, I'll be late for work and they'll fire me. And if I take sleeping pills, I for sure won't be able to wake up... I wish I could just fall asleep when I want to and get up when I want to! What a double-bind!
by Birch2 August 04, 2014

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