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A good thing, something lucky or beneficial; typically a British saying.
Maybe it's a good job that I didn't go to that party. I heard it was busted.
by cityondown78 February 26, 2010
can be used as an insult. When someone says something they just found out, but you already knew. Stating the obivous.
1+1=2... Good Job! or Planes fly in the sky... Good job!
by Peiser March 28, 2005
A "Get-Out-Of-Debt" job. A well-paying job which people take in order to pay off any debts, it is usually an unenjoyable job.
Matt: So how do you find your new job as a Banker?

Andy: Well, it's a good job.

Matt: Don't worry mate, you'll be able to quit in two years.
by simon94 August 04, 2010
Something people say when they think you really suck.
Good job, Bush!

Way to go! 50%!

Good job, ass hole.
by Lee January 28, 2004
A job done in a way that is satisfying and meaningful.
Man 1: You did a nice job.

Man 2: Not a good job?

Man 1: Well, you fixed the roof so we won't get wet from the rain for now. But later, it might come apart.
by paul goldschmidt February 07, 2015
It is a handsign meaning "asshole"
DeJuan: Good Job, Mike!
Mike: Thanks!
DeJuan: HaHaHaHaHa!!!
by Mr. Tijuana!!! August 02, 2011
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