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can be used as an insult. When someone says something they just found out, but you already knew. Stating the obivous.
1+1=2... Good Job! or Planes fly in the sky... Good job!
by Peiser March 28, 2005
The term Lichaa uses when refering to Dunkin' Doughnuts.
Dude theis Dunkin Dizzlez is mad good!
man im mad hungary, lets go get us some Dunkin Dizzlez.
by Peiser March 28, 2005
An old lady that works at PHS named Beebe. She is the most hated teacher by far and is a total bitch! She hates people walking around wearin their hats in school.
Doug: Man Beebe is a bitch!!!
Robert: Indeed man she's a bitch.
by Peiser May 02, 2005
Something beyond the coolest cool. Something so cool you get chills up your spine. I don't think I can even define this word anymore.
Dude Chaos Theory is niggalishious!!! or
Dude this Dunkin Dizzlez is niggalishious!!!!
by Peiser April 04, 2005

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