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The act or description of a person, place or thing that has been broken, tainted, or has been destroyed. Named for the famous character in "Diff'rent Strokes" (Episode 44, Return of the Gooch) that wanted to beat up Willis.
That thing is all gooched. You better throw it away.

My dad borrowed my sweatshirt and spilled coffee on it. Now it's all gooched up.

After that accident Jimmy is gooched. He has to wear a special brace on his leg.

Whoa! Easy with the crystal vase you're gonna gooch it up.

He should have never tried to bang her on the first date. He completely gooched that up.
by merlineternal January 20, 2008
When in competition being defeated without scoring. To be Shutout.
Don't even step to Me Aaron, last time we played you got gooched.

Damn Skaz beat you 48-0? You got straight gooched!
by Skazellino September 05, 2011
wronged or screwed over, especially in relation to UVA on-grounds housing; getting a terrible room assignment in all possible aspects
(Upon seeing one's housing assignment): "DUDE, I totally got gooched! This sucks...I'm finding an apartment instead..."

"HAHAHA. You got assigned to Gooch/Dillard?! BAHAHAH, yeah, someone totally gooched you!"
by ay-sea-em December 14, 2008

When a situation or event becmomes completely stuffed or ruined. Similar to f@#%ed.

Can also be used without the -ed, in this case it becomes an adjective.
"I tried to find the toilet but the whole system was just gooched"

by mau5fan October 26, 2008
To be gooched is to be unsuspectingly prodded in the derrière with an object by someone walking behind you.
Aw man! I just got gooched!
by KessBlack March 03, 2011
When someone completes a taske rejoicefully they are slapped in the face by a workmate.
Rick completed an action Item and was gooched by Grant
by Grant Cowan September 20, 2005
The act of hitting, touching, poking, ect. of the female lower regions.
"Dude, that guy just gooched me with his lacrosse stick!"

"I just wanna gooch you with my fist!"
by SamanthaIrene January 21, 2009
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