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one who sells his gooch to people.
nathen is a gooch monger becuase he sells his gooch to men.
by a snazzle September 11, 2006
20 7

Someone who literally sells gooches. A phrase commonly used to insult someone who deserves more than the common "douche bag" or "asshole"
"Hey Bobby screw you!"
"Bite my ass Jake, you gooch monger."
by Mohawkakon June 03, 2010
9 3
someone who is a gooch whore. One who opens their gooch (A.K.A. grundle) to anyone.
This means this person will show his gooch to anyone
Johnny has been such a gooch monger lately.
by Squeeeeek March 16, 2009
8 3
also a preson who would glady engage in sexual activities with other men involving the use of his gooch.
"what now"(nathen) "why dont you go fuck your fellow gooch monger tyler."(Straight people)
by andy!!!!! September 14, 2006
12 13
A guy who likes his gooch being felt and/or licked by other men.
"Nathan's a faggit" said Brock. "Yeah, he's a fuckin' gooch monger" replied Josh.
by JuManGiman September 13, 2006
10 19