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To gommy:

To spin wildly on the spot until unable to stand.
Look how fast he can gommy, he'll make himself sick.
by Edders April 02, 2006
Clumsy. A Maine idiom.
After he knocked the lamp over for the umpteenth time, Chet's wife exclaimed, "Why do you have to be so gommy?!"
by Gizzardneck May 15, 2007
A stickey mess.(adj)

To create a sticky mess. (verb)
The fruit cake batter looked like a gommy mess to me.

My son gommed up my tools with chocolate syrup.
by L Keith Ray August 29, 2005
To be gommy is to be slow, geekish, four-eyed, lethargic and off the ball
Nick is just SO gommy!
by Timmy February 14, 2005