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A goldy is a different type Asian, characterized by wealth and hotness, and is seen only with other goldies or rich hot kids. They see themselves 'above the rest' of the Asian population, calling themselves 'golden' out of the vast yellow majority. Usually despises other Asians, including other goldies they see as competition.
"That new girl Julie is such a goldy. Look at her surrounded by white kids, dressed head-to-toe in Abercrombie."

"That buff Asian kid who drives a truck and listens to rock is probably a goldy."
by thetipster July 30, 2005
some twat from london who also supports Arsenal FC
goldy this is just a test
#arsenal #chelsea #sucks #shit #crap
by C0d3 March 04, 2010
A foolish pillock often assoiciated with vagrants, queers and muppets. Usually sports a shaved head an adidas trousers.
That chaps a fuckin' goldy!

I'd feel like a goldy if I sucked his dick.
by boing January 24, 2005
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