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A sexual position that looks to be somewhat of The Golden Gate bridge. 2 girls make out with eachother on their hands and knees while they each have a guy nail them doggy style also the guys interlock hands overhead for the better effect of a golden bridge.
Heath and Brad both pulled the golden gate on Sara and Roxanne last night. I heard it was pretty crazy.
by Anita Blowjob September 22, 2006
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When you piss in someones mouth when they are giving you oral sex and they have braces on their teeth.
I surprised Jennifer with the "Goldengate" in the limo after prom.
by Lynn Bell September 26, 2006
An inversion of the sexual position "The Eiffel Tower". This takes place when two guys kneel back to back and backward high-five while a doing a chick on either end, thus resembling the Golden Gate Bridge.
"Dude, last night Jerry and I totally made a Golden Gate with Sharon and Karen, the hot Russian and Japanese exchange students."

by slickliketeflon December 21, 2008
A sexual position involving a threesome between 2 girls and one guy. It is very similar to the eiffel tower. The guy bends backwards and licks one girls pussy as she stands over top him and another rides his cock while also being over him.
-"Dude, Last night Nick got the Golden Gate with that hot chick and her sister."
-"Mad Nice, broseph."
by Churney October 12, 2007

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