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To ruin everything. Including movies, tv shows, and life.
"Man you just goldberg'ed that movie!"
"Yo, don't Goldberg it"
by 4529 January 22, 2006
name of german or isreali orogin, a jewish name. many immigrants moved from germany in the 2 wars to escape the havoc to america
whoopie goldberg is jewish
by harrrissson robberrrts June 26, 2009
Someone who acts like Steve Jobs with out the talent, ability or Experience.
This company is going to fail because the CEO is a total Goldberg
by fakeNameDropper August 29, 2016
It's makin' whoopie. Hit these cookies with this pole. Word!
In the hot tub takin' pictures of all these bitches makin' Goldberg.
by bruce9707 May 07, 2009
To goldberg is to get fucked in the ass by a dinosaur and panda at the same time both in the ass and vagina. This is very common in the Land Before Time, a valley full of kronosaurs and Giant Panda bears. Most of the time, goldbergs are enacted on males with the first name of james and the last name of goldberg
"I can't sit because i got goldberged by dinokron and panda bear"
"That kid adam li just golberged me omg"
"HAHAHA he's walking funny because he got goldberged"
by estack November 24, 2008
someone obsessed with something
I live my life around professional wrestling. So I've been called Goldberg because of the man Bill Goldberg.
by Dark Heart October 16, 2007
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