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the act of bitching or whining on a blog.(weblog/online journal)
quit your blitching and blog about something more exciting!

I'm blitching (blog bitching) about this because i have 505 emails in my inbox.

by crazymamaof6 February 27, 2008
means to Giggle out loud. specifically used during text, chat or IMing,or blog comments. only to be used if you actually giggle . not to be included with expressions of gross overuse including but not limited to- lol/lmao/rofl.

the lesser form of COL(cackle out loud).
an extra fabulous expression for online flirting.

can also in context mean giggling out loud (see example #3)
while chatting online if i read something especially funny i often GOL(giggle out loud).
1. that wasn't quite COL(cackle out loud) funny, but i did GOL(giggle out loud).
2.I had to GOL at that blog post.
3.when he fell on his ass on our date , i tried to avoid GOL(giggling out loud).

by crazymamaof6 February 29, 2008
when you Cackle out loud it expresses pure uninhibited glee, especially used when texting, IMing or blogging.
when you read something so funny you have to cackle out loud, lol is not strong enough an expression for some things that make you cackle so loud people come from another room to see what you are laughing at .
lol is weak.
use especially if you know your laugh sounds like a cackle.

as in: Holy Crap! i had to COL(cackle out loud) on that one!
this is COL(cackle out loud) funny.
by crazymamaof6 February 28, 2008

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