Top Definition
Giggling My Ass Off....
joe: watch me say STAR in retard mode.
ann: ok
joe: 'TAR!
ann: GMAO
by blubberphuk September 22, 2004
giggling my ass off

no quite laughing, can only be describe as a giggle
BIG PAPA says:
he rekonz next night off he gets he will
Pat says:
i dont belive it, but ill ove him for it
BIG PAPA says:
BIG PAPA says:
20 ppl
Pat says:
decent number
Pat says:
better than 2
BIG PAPA says:
Pat says:
can we have the lights on?
Pat says:
by Pmac June 25, 2006
GRAB MY ASS OFF!!!! duuhhhh
tom gmaod her lastnight
by kristen January 25, 2005
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