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a pick-up strategy for opening in which the man admits an absurd flaw and follows with an endearing request for acceptance (credit: Jeffy, RSD).
Going dummy opener: "hey. I'm fucking retarded.... Will you be my friend?"
#pick-up #opener #pickup #openner #pua
by InDemand February 01, 2008
Engaging in a sexual act and reaching climax, only to have the person's partner keep going, which provides so much pleasure, that it becomes painful.
O.G. 1: I went dummy last night from getting some head, and when I came, she kept going!
O.G. 2: Aw shit I hate that, going dummy is the worst!
#painful climax #cumming and she keeps going #going dummy #swiggity swag #eyes rolling in back #slap a hoe #1-800-choke-dat-hoe #sexual favors hurt like hell
by GOINGDUMMY9001 August 04, 2014
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