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The act of becoming extremely unmotivated in your appearance after smoking lots of weed. This usually includes but is not limited to growing your hair out long and having a full beard.
Jimmy: "damn bro why you look like that"

Hernandez: "man i've been smoking so much I've just been Going Caveman"

Jimmy: " -__- Cut your fucking hair"
by @Real_KDeVante January 19, 2012
The act of not wiping your ass after you get done taking a shit.
"Shit there's no toilet paper. Looks like I'm going caveman."
by Chocolate Custard April 04, 2009

Knocking someone out with a blunt object then having your way with them.
Jim: I read about that guy on the news...
Bob: What guy?
Jim: The guy who decided going caveman on prostitutes was a good idea if he dumped them in an alley way.
Bob: Oh. That guy. Me too.
by Jackass2011 August 09, 2011