to get on your knees and suck cock
the present tense version of went down
That bitch went down on me
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
Top Definition
happening, occuring, the questioning of one's recent actions
yo bro whats goin down?
by chaz September 11, 2003
After doing your substance of choice, the point of time between the high and the crash at which you've passed the point of no return, and no additional amount of substances will keep you going.
(Responsible partiers take note: it would be wise to NOT WASTE ANY MORE OF YOUR SHIT at this point, recognize it for what it is and call it game over already! You'll only be mad at yourself later, like on Day 3...)
I could rail that whole bag, but it won't help. I'm goin' down.
by brooklyn516 September 19, 2004
Wes Hall, fuckin quere
Did you know goin down is wat wes does everynight?
by Tippa July 13, 2004
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