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1980s. Meaning yes or I agree.
A: "So I'll meet you and then we'll hit the party."
B: "Bet."

A: "Yo, lend me $20; you can hold this bike I just found."
B: "No bet."
by Chaz June 03, 2004
word used by townies or genral idiots, directed at anyone who wears anything black, or anything for that matter without a slogan stamped across it.
<a few alternatives are walking down a street, pass a crew of townies on the corner, go round the corner, then a few hundren meters on....>
Townie drone #1: FUKKIN' GOFFS
by chaz April 29, 2004
Poor quality, poor performance, not necessarily referring to poverty. A sad, destitute state. Evidence of decline (in quality)
That was such a slum performance by the band today.

I haven't gone to school for three days, and haven't done a drop of homework, i'm really slumming man.
by Chaz February 14, 2005
happening, occuring, the questioning of one's recent actions
yo bro whats goin down?
by chaz September 11, 2003
An invitation to carry on your conversation with someone's hand.
"...Talk to the hand!" "Okay, well, as I was saying Mr. Hand, the person attached to you is an immature twit, and did you know..."
by chaz March 24, 2006
Camp Kill Yourself. A rock band in a self-titled genre. Started in 1999. Original member were Deron Miller, Chad I Ginsburg, Jess Margera, and Ryan Bruni. Ryan left, and was eventually replaced by Vern Zaborowski. He too has also left recently.
Band was formed by two members, Deron and Jess, who also played together in 2 seperate bands (Oil and Forign Objects) untill they met Chad in recording sudion and formed the now popular cKy. Best band in music today in America.
If you like Good Charlotte, i'll punch your fuCKing face in. roCK~
by Chaz December 08, 2004
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