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The hardest bitchslap you'll ever fell in your entire life
Rob: After a argument with my lady-boss, she gave me a huge Godsmack, and man did it hurt

Kim: (slaps Rob) You Fking Sexist.
by HellRaiser305 June 10, 2010
Death By Laughter/ Died By Laughter
Wayne: Bro, I Heard You Got Rejected By May, How?

Alex: I Tried To Talk To Her, But Before I Said A Word She Said "No" With A Hand Up All My Face

Wayne: OMFG, DBL! Your Messed Up
by HellRaiser305 June 03, 2010
1. a mentally retarded term and/or name for Marijuana.
2. Another name for the great God gift that only idiots use
3. Another name for a plant that people in the world loves
Marquasha: why do smoke that?

Chris: Smoke what?

Marquasha: Mara-Ji-Juana

Chris: WTF, it's called Marijuana, not Mara-Ji-Juana *cough*retart*cough*
by HellRaiser305 June 12, 2010

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