Bad karma
Billy got Jane preggers and left her. But Billy got godsmacked.. He got herpes from Jill the next week!
by Datheus March 14, 2003
To slap someone across the face while having a hand covered in semen. When a man climaxes using his own hand and then slaps his mate with the semen covered hand, Or actually ejaculate in to your cupped hand to get all of the fluid possible and then slap the other person with that hand.
Yea I pulled out jack myself off and then I godsmacked the bitch across the face, there was cum every where in her hair in her eyes it was hot
by Tothmacher May 18, 2006
an ok nu-metal band that not nearly as good as metallica.
Godsmack aint very good
by ImmolationMisfit October 20, 2004
well even though i totally hate this band everyone is wrong. one of the members of the band told a really obscene joke and someone told him that was so bad god was going to smack him...and thats where it actually came from
Godsmack is terrible and they should all probly die.
by ballroom swingen September 28, 2006
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