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a super fattie blunt, rolled to perfection.
If Mike gets that quarter O, we're rolling up a goddy.
by cheefinbowls420 March 31, 2006
'God e's' ----- Term used when you want someone to "go dies". It's a quick response and has very strong meaning, it can be used in almost any situation, and may also be strengthened with the word "faggot" following "goddies".
Person 1 - hey man can i borrow a dollar?
person 2 - goddies.

person 1 - dude i got a car finally!
person 2 - goddies in a car wreck? kthxdie.

by scl123 March 31, 2008
when you fill the blunt up, all the way. like, really stuff that blunt.
put that quarter in a goddy and smoke that shit.
by mandy January 27, 2005
Interior decor consisting of gawdy, ornate religious paraphernalia such as crosses, rosaries, Jesus photos and memorabilia, i.e., bible art, gratto's, saint statues, etc.
Dude, my grandparent's house gives me the creeps, its so Goddy, but my Butterfaith gal really thinks it's hot.
by breadbydanny July 24, 2010
weed in a cigar wrapper
that dude smoked a goddy in 20 minutes.. he was a hero
by dawnzzay August 16, 2003
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