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This can be used when someone asks you to do something, pass something, get them something etc which you don’t want to do for them. You can also throw in nigga at the end if you want.
Person 1: Yo holmes pick me up something to drink from da shop.

Person 2: Go fish nigga
by pussy crew August 17, 2006
1.) In an effort to speed up getting to know each other sexually, a couple discusses what they will or will not do in bed.

2.) Also works for VD Go Fish, wherein a couple finds out what VD's they may or may not have/have had.
"Do you give blow jobs?" "Yes." "Do you swallow?" "Go fish!"
"Do you do the Kansas City Clam Bake?" "Go fish!"

"Do you have herpes?" "Go fish. Do you have chlamydia?" "Go fish!"

"What happened with Candy last night man? You guys seemed like you were hitting it off." "We were. Until we played "Go Fish" and I found out she has herpes!"
by RoyCoup November 21, 2012
term used as the answer "NO" to an annoying question that begins with "Do you have any..."
"Do you have any pencils I can borrow" "Go fish..."
by ILIKESOUP94 May 12, 2011
A game played between two individuals where one hides a Swedish fish in their mouth, and the other has to retrieve the fish with their tongue. A variation includes having the "hider" guard the fish with their tongue by attempting to block the seeker.
Dan: Hey, let's play some Go fish tonight
Jill: Yeah, closest thing you'll ever get to exercise, but I'll take it.
by Uncle Reality March 24, 2016
When your in bed with your girlfriend/boyfriend and you are fingering/giving a handjob to the opposite person. Usually happens when there are other people in the room and you dont want them to know.
(other friend sarah is in the room)
Cody: Hey wanna play go-fish?
Faith: sure *wink*
(they lay on bed facing each other)
by CBrownStud September 29, 2009
A response to name-dropping an obscure personage from pop culture or history on a social networking site.

Like in the card game 'go fish,' it's an acknowledgment that you don't have that card in your hand, and that you have to go fishing for it on the internet.
Person 1: "Julian Assange is the new Carmen Sandiego"

Person 2: "Go Fish"
by toughie December 01, 2010
The act of making a women get on her hands and knees while standing in front of her thrusting your hips and working your member like a worm making her try to grab it with her mouth while its moving thus resembling a fish hitting on a worm or lure. This can also be done while tweeking a nipple or reaching around and inserting a finger in the anus or vagina
Dude, I went to Brandons house to watch wrestling last night and walked in on him making his girlfriend Go Fish
by buddha247 April 23, 2009
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