To fight with another person.
Huh?! You wanna go punk?! Huh?!
by Disillusioned Hippie October 09, 2005
to move or travel; see proceed
I will go to the store.
by j dawg June 23, 2003
Short for Geek Odor. The smell that emanates from stores that sell primarily video game consoles, games and accessories.
"Game Stop smells like GO."
by displacedtxn December 29, 2011
The rapid consumption of any edible substance, or semi edible substance. During the action, there is no stopping to breathe, talk, or anything else besides blow/throw up. This can include things such as soda, beer, an apple, ect. As they say, " If your not blowin, your GOin!" This is commonly heard by the creatures known as "Baby-Reps"

Aaron- "Dan, you should GO on that cake"
Peter- "I agree Dan, GO on that cake"

*Dan proceeds to shove cake in his mouth*
by Firion1033 May 01, 2011
a) a replacement for any noun in a sentence, and of course, as a verb.

b) a replacement for any odd sexual thing you might want to say.
your go is going.
go get me some go.
are you going to the go?
did you see the go?

did they go?
did you see their go?
was their go going?
by alexa wright June 25, 2006
Game Observer
1. Someone who watches someone else play video games but does not partake in it.
2. Someone who usually just watches walkthroughs/let's plays for fun.
3. Someone who watches entire video game series but does not play them.
"Jill loves playing Assassin's Creed but is a G.O when it comes to battlefield."
by Spinsomelight November 05, 2013
A command given by the oldest age group of a summer camp to the second oldest age group of camp at a meal. The kids at the table belonging to the second oldest age group must touch the napkin dispenser. The last person to do so will clear the table.
Jack: Alright guys, GO!

(They all touch the napkins except for Mark, who touches the cleanex wipes)

Jack: Aw Mark, clearing!
by weusdfhjneiuds October 05, 2013

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